What is Happiness? A Metaphysical Spiritualist's Perspective


A metaphysical spiritualist's views on happiness.

In a materialistic world, money is often considered essential for happiness because it allows us the means to accomplish many of our aims. This provides us with a sense of empowerment. With money we have an ability to move forward with an agenda in order to accomplish many of life's goals. But this is also where this empowerment through money often wonders off course. We also know that the ability to move forward with our own agenda may conflict with another person's agenda, or with societal standards. Often empowerment in one's own personal agenda proves to be entirely vain, and at its worst, it ends up destructive to self or to society. It is these moral implications that make religion and spirituality necessary. The idea that the love of money is the root of all evil means that it empowers individuals to accomplish their goals, even if their intent is counterproductive.

So what is happiness, then? Well, based on the influence of money in our lives, it includes an element of conscious efficacy to accomplish our goals to grow as individuals and gain the things we need. This is the role of money, but there remains a sense that there is more to happiness. Could someone be happy living in a vaccuum? No one is an island. We are all present and meeting together here on planet Earth.

Much happiness is aroused during times of conscious interactions with others. New ideas spontaneously emerge, leading to new events, and reality is enhanced. We need elements of positive conscious interactions to achieve happiness. And there is more, isn't there? There are good food, libations, love, kindness, peace and forgiveness. I guess the only thing we don't have the power to bring into our own lives is longevity!

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