Ditch the drab talk…heat up your sex with this conversation!


Communication's important and this will ignite a flame your relationship may be missing. Go for it!

It’s been said over and over how “important” communication is in a relationship.  Yes, discussing weekend plans, what you want for dinner and how the finances are looking is critical.  However, if the dialogue in your relationship consists only of current issues, situations and things you must discuss in order to get something done, you’re missing all the excitement.   A truly intimate relationship must inquire much deeper. 

The purpose of having a relationship is to develop a bond between you and your partner.  Discussing only current affairs merely develops superficial ties.  Yes, it shows your common interests and outlines possibilities, but intimacy is built by really getting to know the one you love.  This requires digging a whole lot deeper.  If you really want your sex-life to heat up and stand the test of time, it boils down to this simple ingredient.   Get in there and engage.  You really want to explore your partner, find out who they are, what makes the tick and what excites them.

A lady client of mine was determined to try this technique with her husband.  They were relatively happy, but the relationship had sunk into a groove and was nothing exciting.  On their 15th anniversary they had a picnic and while sitting outdoors began to chat.  She guided her husband to inquire more.  He asked a few questions and began to listen a little deeper.  By the end, he was intrigued by what he’d discovered.  They both recall that date being the “greatest date” they’ve ever had.   Since, their sex life has become exciting and passionate again.  Her husband stated enthusiastically, “There was so much I didn’t know about you”. 

Their bond became embedded in their heart, which triggers passion from the core.  This is the element that’s missing in most relationships, engagement from the heart.  This isn’t always easy.  I’d previously worked with both of them to reach an understanding of how they were engaging with each other and the difference between conversing and true dialogue.  When you get to the depth of this technique your passion will thrill you.  Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or just beginning to date, this works!  Isn’t that what we’re all searching for, true passion, to really bond with your soul mate?  It is available.  In my Magnetic Makeover programs I train men and women on the secrets of magnetism, which is how we draw people into our lives, intimate or otherwise, 

I offer a FREE makeover consultation by phone where I help you recognize how you’re magnetizing or if there’s a reverse polarity in your energy.  The goal is to magnetize what you want and, isn’t that pure passion?  These programs are very powerful.  You can also get my FREE Intimacy Video that teaches four simple steps to a passionate love life by clicking here.