Do We Need Pre-Matrial Counseling?


Review These Situations To See If Pre-Marital Counseling Is For You.

Many dream about doing it, some plan for it, are you ready for it?  With divorce rates

continuing to increase, you may want to take some preventative measures to help your relationship.  Here are some situations in which you and your partner may

benefit from pre-marital counseling:

1. When neither one of you have been married before or if you have been

been dating for what one or both of you consider a short amount of time. Often

times with these type of marriages, one or both of the partners are still trying to

get to know him/herself as well as how they interact with others.  Pre-marital

counseling can be tailored so that the  couple may  discuss cultural and religious

differences and how these differences may impact their marriage.  Further, the

couple  may explore mutual  expectations around children, daily life routines and

even sex drives.

2.  When you and your fiancé feel that your engagement period has been too long. You

may benefit from counseling to address issues around what may be preventing you

from becoming married.

3.  If you and your partner are not able to effectively resolve conflict.  Most couples

argue from time to time but when arguments become a way in which you resolve

conflicts, you many benefit from sessions to learn how to problem solve in a

more productive way.

Ms. Schmoll have successfully helped many couples communicate more

effectively to meet the needs of one another.  Her office is located at 9171

Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  To schedule an appointment, please

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