Tragedy In Aurora: 5 Tips To Help Us All Recover

Tragedy In Aurora: 5 Tips To Help Us All Recover [EXPERT]

How has the movie theater shooting in Colorado affected you?

3. Pray. If you don't pray, then visualize a beautiful white light surrounding the scene of the disaster or tragedy. Imagine sending love from your heart to the victims and their families. Planting The Seeds Of Love

4. Donate your money or your time to the victims' families. By giving, you will feel empowered, like you are making a difference, rather than feeling stuck in grief and helplessness.

5. Limit your intake of news. As important as it is to be informed, we are a culture saturated with information. Be very picky about what you allow into your awareness as it will affect your overall energy, mood and ability to focus and function. How many times do you really need to hear about the tragedy and from how many different perspectives?

Instead of spreading fear, spread your love. This is what the planet needs now more than ever! 5 Steps To Self-Love & Happiness [EXPERT]

(If you find yourself feeling stuck, please reach out for support from a therapist like myself to help you move forward.)