Burst Your Bubbles!!! . . .


. . . Become The Goddess

At times in our lives we can experience an awareness that shifts us forever.

Our life will take us to love and pain and both are important for the evolution of our soul. Love is easy to feel and live with as we breathe fully and rest in our open heart.  When emotional pain rises up, triggered by our mind, our ego, our past, our physical body, a relationship or an event, our heart can close temporarily.  Negative feelings such as fear, self-doubt, hurt, resentment and anger take over.  At these times we can get very good at covering up and playing a part as in-authentic or we can spiral to an overwhelming loop of judgment, relapsing into a whirlwind of hateful feelings or disappointment.  Fear takes over and stops us from thinking clearly or connecting to a sane thought. The Ego is rough and tough and wants only to take us down.  As unkind thoughts swirl around in our head we are taken to a lower register of ourselves.  At this unhealthy time we believe the lies and we make it about us. We are not understanding what is really going on.  We are releasing unwanted feelings that have been trapped and our present experience has triggered the negativity.

During these times of emotional struggle see your dark, toxic feelings in bubbles coming up to the surface. You are the one who must burst these bubbles and allow them to leave your body, mind and heart. While they are getting your attention feel them, acknowledge them and see each bubble as your responsibility. Bubbles of fear, self-doubt, hurt, resentment, judgment, shame, guilt, grief, disappointment and anger need to leave your body….give it the freedom to go. Burst them one by one. Breathe deeply into the space that is left behind.


You have just spent a few months grieving your breakup with a guy who you thought was the one. You let go of the illusion that he was the man of your dreams.  Your healing process involved crying tears of  hurt, anger, resentment, dreaming that he would return on his knees and taking full responsibility, hating him, loving him, reliving every moment of the last three months especially the hurtful words projected and the words unsaid.

Your broken heart experience’s the breakup a thousand times with tears that could have flooded you in your cave of dark misery. You realized that you were the only one in the relationship that worked at love.  You also realized that he just couldn’t show up for you and that he didn’t know how.

What a great gift! He was the one who brought you to the bubbles of pain that had to be released before you exploded.  Even after the breakup he served you.  As the days rolled into weeks even the thought of him would turn you inside and out with negative thoughts and feelings.  AND you took the time to feel every bit of it as you released and let go of every bubble of fear. Fear of being alone, every bubble of self-doubt where you didn’t feel good enough and every bubble of hurt where he didn’t show up for you…when you didn’t get your needs met.  Way to go… You are now moving into your power!!!

You are a Goddess and only you are the one who can connect to this strength and open heart.  You don’t need a man to make this connection. You are the one who must know…to show up for yourself in every way.  To feel the love that you are and from this place you will attract your match. 

Visualize the Goddess in you.  Breathe into this loving connection as your heart opens.  If any bubbles of negative feelings rise up allow them to be felt.  Burst those bubbles and let them release the emotional pain as you move into more love.  Let this relationship of pain go so that you don’t have to bring it into the next significant relationship.  When you are free of it you will attract someone who is free also.

Breathe into the Goddess that wants to live in you.  You are emotionally free and your compassionate loving heart will attract the man who shows up, because you are showing up fully for yourself.

Your heartache and breakup was a gift that brought you to more of yourself.

You are a Goddess!

Colleen Hoffman Smith is an author, facilitator, emotional intuitive and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program. Click here to visit her website or here to email Colleen.