Spending Quality Time Together


It is crucial for people to spend quality time together.

Quality time isn’t just being in the same room together either. It’s the time where two people can sit and talk, enjoy each other’s company and strengthen your relationships. This sometimes means that you will need to turn off the television, give your partner your undivided attention and actually speak to each other.

Where to Start

Go for a walk. Grab your partner’s hand and talk about all the things that you would like, or need, to talk about. It’s an inexpensive way to build your relationship and solve any problems that need to be solved.

Go out to dinner. When I say this, I mean go out to a restaurant and sit down and talk to your loved one. Tune out the noise and commotion from everyone else and pretend that you are just getting to know the other person and you want to hear every word they say. Sit next to each other or hold hands from across the table.

Learn something new together. Both men and women can enjoy doing things with their hands. Take a class to learn how to build or create something that you don’t already know. This also applies to other things: dancing, cooking, gardening, a new sport, etc.

Go camping. Take a weekend and spend your time alone. Lay out a blanket and watch the sun set, the stars in the sky and possibly even the sun rise again! Free yourself from distractions and just have fun. If you have children and can’t get away for the weekend with just the two of you, bring them with. Make it a family trip where everyone learns how to get along and have fun without the computer, television or cell phones.

Spiritual building. If you are a couple, or family, that follows a religious belief, make sure that you take time to pray together.

Discuss your goals. Sit down and talk to your partner about your goals and dreams for your lives. Maybe you want to start your own business. Maybe you have been thinking about relocating. This is the time for the two of you to start discussing things and making plans.

Do something you love together. I know you are thinking that spending time doing something else is contradictory to what I say about giving your partner your undivided attention. If the parties both enjoy doing something and feel that emotional bond while they are doing it, isn’t that quality time? For example, I enjoy watching boxing (I understand that a lot of females might not be the same, so guys don’t try using this as an example of your lady not liking the same things that you do!). I might be more into boxing than my partner. When there is a fight on, we are glued to the television, jumping up and down and yelling things as if they could actually hear us. Ok, so maybe I’m the one doing all of that while he is a little more reserved than me. The point is that we both enjoy it and when I’m not jumping up and down, I’m holding on to his hand or leg and visa versa. Afterwards, we sit around and talk about it. We get to relax and act silly while having fun and spending time together. The best part about it is that at the end of the night, I really appreciate what I have- a man that enjoys the same things as I do and doesn’t care if I’m screaming at the tv or acting like a complete idiot.

We feel loved when our significant other wants to spend time with us. It makes us feel safe and secure and most of us crave that stability, especially if we have been in a very unstable relationship in the past. We want to know that can safely say that the person that we have given our hearts to has given us theirs in return. Spending quality time with your loved one is so important that if you fail to do this, you risk losing them to someone who will.

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This article was contributed by Rose Leisure.