Seeking Health - Beyond the Affordable Care Act: 3 Steps


Take responsibility for your health by setting and following a plan - beyond the government's role.

The Supreme Court decision to uphold one of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act is a monumental decision.  It has impact many individuals such as individuals who are concerned about the ability to afford health care or to have insurance while seeking a job. Interest groups and politicians are already talking about the costs and implications.  Regardless, what is being affirmed is each person's right and responsibility for the ability to work for health.  This prompts three things that you need to think about in terms of seeking health.

  1. Acknowledge the part of your life that is not healthy.  Identifying where you need a new start - something where something is lacking or where you have something that is not going the way you want.  For some, this may be what is traditionaly seen as a health issue but it can also have to do with how you feel about yourself or to do with your relationships.  Acknowledging something that is not at peace or where wholeness is absent can be tough to do but this is an important first step to starting anew in that area.
  2. Develop a plan to ehnance your health by addressing what you have acknowledging.  Decide whether this is something that you can address on your own or whether this is something that you need to involve others in addressing.  Have you tried to address this before?  What resources do you have to help you?  What will keep you motivated as you work on this?
  3. Consider additional resources that can help you as you actually work towards health and wholeness.  A person diagnosed with diabetes may think about medication, diet and exercise.  However, they also need to think about the additional resources about other issues that can arise (eyecare, footcare, etc).  What other resources do you have that can help you around what you are working on?  Think about supportive people.  Think about your spirituality.  Think about informal groups.  Think about other strengths that you have.

You can take responsibillity for your health.  Some aspects of your health are not costly to address and simply involve a committment to working in an area.  You can find peace and wholeness.  If you need help on the journey, there are those who can help you on these journeys.