Maintaining Confidence During Sandy's Aftermath

Maintaining Confidence During Sandy's Aftermath [EXPERT]

My interconnected response to Hurricane Sandy.

On route, there was a station with a line that was flowing.  This was good … until I was waved forward by the sergeant and told I had to go around again by the other officer. My frustration was high. My stress was increasing. Could I get home? If I did, how would I do things without a car? On my way, I came across one more station whose line was not too long. Success. I have wanted to avoid doing this again, so I changed my ways and limited the driving I did. Doing so has not been that bad — it certainly has helped me to avoid that stress.  Of course, as I now looks like it will continue, I may have to find a way to refuel.

What is clear to me is there are lessons to learn in each vignette. What has also become clear is that some of the lessons to be learned only have come by seeing how my responses were interconnected with other responses. In doing this, I have been able to better relate to myself and this will help me to continue in the aftermath maintaining my sense of peace and wholeness.