Learning Through The Twelve Days of Christmas

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Kids and the twelve days of Christmas – turn stress to learning what’s behind Christmas traditions.

7. Legend of the Sand Dollar: Recall the way that the sand dollar tells the story of the birth and death of Christ through things that can be found in this simple shell, if we look closely enough at it.  It contains signs that tell of his death, of the star that guided magi and shepherds to Christ, reminders of Easter and Christmas flowers.  It also teaches us how through all this there is the possibility of releasing peace and good will into the world.

8. Gingerbread: Well, not exactly the Christian background to Christmas, but this story is well known about a holiday tradition of gingerbread men.  Perhaps you will make and eat some together?

The Christingle – Borrowing from a British Tradition: This video explores the meaning and making of a Christingle.  These symbols are used to tell about Christmas to children.  Traditionally, children bring gifts that go to the church’s children charity and get a Christingle in return.

Caroling: This 1960 song reminds us that caroling is done as a way of spreading the Christmas message to others.  What do our present carols and songs convey?  It allows you to think about what you have done to spread the Christmas message.

The Magic of Christmas: In this clip, the United States Presidents reads from the "Polar Express" (in 2009) to talk about the real meaning of Christmas.  It also shows the president serving children and talking about the importance of giving and the prospect of peace.

The Magi: The magi (sometimes referred to as the three kings or the three wise men) are the end of our twelve day journey as we reach Epiphany.  This piece from a traditional news source looks more deeply at these travelers.  With younger children or for a more traditional exploration, listen to We Three Kings.