10 Alternate Mother's Day Activities

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Send your mom flowers, buy her lunch - here are other ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day can become very routine.  You call your mother.  You take her out to lunch.  You take this opportuntiy to express your love and gratitude to her.  However, Mother's Day is an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and to engage in some alternate activities.  Here is a countdown of 10 activities that you might want to consider.

For Those Who Have Mothered You
10. Send a note to 3 people who have nurtured and cared for you like a mother (if you want to be bold include a male who was like a mother to you).
9. Write a letter to the editor praising a mother of the community (especially an unsung heroine who looks out for everybody).
8. Say a special prayer (or other appropriate action) to give thanks for the spiritual mothers who have helped you become who you are.


For Those For Whom You Can Be A Mother
7. Find one person in your community (through your friends, work, faith community, community organization, etc) that you can act as a surrogate mother for and set up arrangements to do this.
6. Send a care package to a college student that is not your child.
5. Reach out to someone who could be like a mother to you and ask them to guide you through something. This might be preparing a recipe or talking through something coming up.

For Helping In Challenging Situations Around Mothers
4. Help out a stressed out single mother in your community - send her to a movie and/or dinner while ensuring her kids have a babysitter (hired or yourself).
3. Learn of a child whose mother is incarcerated, especially one where the mother is tying to turn things around. Spend some time with the child so they can send an acceptable Mother's Day greeting to their mother they are separated from.  You may have to investigate ahead of time to work out what will be acceptable at their facility.
2. Learn about local mothers who have given their life in service (military or otherwise). Honor their gifts (both in death and in the mothering they did) by placing a flower by their grave.


A Final Situation Not To Forget
1. While your mother may be touched to know you are doing some of the above, don't forget to reach out to your mother. Let her know of your love and gratitude. If she is no longer alive, reach out to your siblings to talk about these things, or spend some time in prayer giving thanks for your mother's life and role in your life, or do something that is to you a memorial act. Consider doing the same for step-mothers and mothers in law, especially if your connection with them is strong. 

Whatever you decide to do, honor the importance of mothering in your life and in our society.  Also, remember that while this is the day set aside in this country fro recognizing mothers, this is really something that belongs to every day.  Continue throughout the year to find ways to honor "mothers" in our midst.  In this way you will be adding to your sense of wholeness and peace in your life.