From Ice To Nice: 6 Ways To Be More Approachable

From Ice To Nice: 6 Ways To Be More Approachable

6 simple ways to make you more approachable!

When I was in high school one of my friends was the most sought-after girl in school. I had other friends that were prettier, smarter and nicer but boys were crazy for her. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out why she was constantly asked out, in a relationship or every guy’s dream girl. She was approachable. She was pretty but not beautiful. She was smart, but not a know it all. She was always friendly, smiling and nice.

Her secret: Every guy thought they had a shot at her. They always felt comfortable talking to her and she always made them feel great about themselves. She is now married to a wonderful guy who is also the whole package. What is the point of this story? To let you know that just because you are beautiful, smart and successful doesn’t mean that meeting people is going to be easy. In fact it may even be harder. 3 Ways To Add Happiness To Your Dating Life

Does that suck? Maybe, but it is true. Many times the gregarious guys who are approaching you are in for a challenge and once they conquered that challenge they will find a new one. The better bet for good relationships are the healthy, great guys who just need a little encouragement to know that if they come up to you, they are not going to be making a complete ass of themselves. In case you haven’t noticed, men are fragile souls. Many times more fragile than we are. If they think for any reason they are going to be rejected, they are not climbing aboard that train. It’s going to take a little work from you.

Here are six ways to get you from ice to nice.

1. Get off your cell phone. It’d be a bummer if your dream man was beside you in line for coffee, but you were too busy talking to your friend about last night’s “Real Housewives of New York City” episode. Next time you are somewhere in line, keep your body language open, look around, make eye contact and smile. What do you have to lose? Looking For Love? There's An App For That!

2. Get a partner in crime. If you were a guy would you approach a group of four or more women? Heck no. It’s too scary and too many people staring as he tries to talk to you. Going somewhere? Go with one friend (hopefully one who can you talk you up if the situation arises).

3. If you are going somewhere alone (even if it is to meet somebody), make an entrance. Walk in the door, pause for three to five seconds in a confident stance so everyone can notice you and scan the room with a smile on your face.

4. If you are sitting, make sure you are facing outward with your body toward people. If you are only turned toward your friend then your body is saying “we are in a closed conversation.” With both of you facing to room, it says, “we are nice and friendly, come talk to us.” What Kind Of Message Does Your Body Language Send?

5. When you notice someone interesting looking at you, look back. Holding eye contact for three seconds lets him know you are interested, if he holds the eye contact with you, he’s interested too. To seal the deal, look away for a minute or two, then look back and smile. Look down and up again. If he doesn’t come over after that, he is in a relationship or not in a place to date.

6. If he strikes up a conversation with you, keep it light friendly and have fun with it. Keep sarcasm to a minimum. What seems okay to you, may not be for him. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humor, it just means he doesn’t know you well enough to know when you’re joking. First Date Nightmares: Are You One Of Them?

This is crucial: If you are interested, let him know. I said that he has to ask you out, but giving him a nudge by sharing that you have really enjoyed talking to him and would love to again is just smart. Not desperate. Smart. Smart is good.

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