'Hope Springs': A Revolutionary Film About Marriage

'Hope Springs': A Revolutionary Film About Marriage [EXPERT]

Are you brave enough to join the marriage revolution?

The result of needed change can be extremely rewarding. The process is rarely easy, effortless or enjoyable. Many couples are unable or unwilling to ask themselves and each other the tough questions. It can require a third party to remain unemotional, ask the uncomfortable questions and help partners each look directly at their fears and emotional armor.

The hardest part about marital commitment is the dedication to emotionally grow in marriage. That was the frightening challenge Arnold and Kay took on. 4 Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Marriage

Do they stay together? Does Arnold remain as stingy with his emotions as he was with his money? We'll let you watch the movie to find out.

Still, the lessons remain:

1. Find the courage to do what needs to be done.
2. I'm glad I listened to my wife, to catch this wonderfully compelling movie, sans explosions.
3. Courage and persistance can get the bed springs shaking again…. or can they?

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