I've Found 7 Soulmates So Far, And Might Have Even More!

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It seems that everyone is looking for their soulmate, but very few know exactly what that means!

Am I with my soul mate? Who is this person? Do we only have one in our life? How can I bring them to me? Who is my twin flame? What's the difference between my soul mate and my twin flame?

If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked these questions, I could retire on a private island in the Caribbean! This really is the number one question I'm asked, more than any other, so I thought I'd share a little info and insight into this subject to help others understand it just a little bit better.

Let's begin with "soul mates"

A soul mate is someone that you have an intense emotional and soul connection with. We can have many in our lives, and they can be friends, family members or romantic relationships. These are connections made from the soul, and the people with whom you are soul mates can be of either gender. We form these relationships—sometimes before birth—in order to learn and to grow on an emotional and spiritual level. These are also people to whom we have karmic ties, so there will be lessons and issues to work out with them. We will continue to incarnate with these souls until we are able to work out the karmic issues, so we may have been with them for several lifetimes. Ironically, if the issue is resolved, the relationship might end abruptly, making you scratch your head and wonder what happened.

So how do you know if someone is your soul mate?

  • Soul mates are really about compatibility—this is someone who matches you and your vibrational pattern.
  • Generally it's someone whom you've met at least once before. You find yourselves 'reacquainted' to begin your relationship or experience.
  • You'll recognize this person as being familiar. They may remind you of a loved one or even of yourself in some ways.
  • Once you meet this person, you'll immediately 'know' it's them. There will be something that you can't describe that helps you realize that they are someone that you 'need' to be with.
  • Your soul mate will help you change for the better. This relationship will encourage both parties to learn and to grow—to expand your horizons.
  •  You may have had dreams or a sense that you were going to meet someone special. That's the two of you signaling your souls that this important event is about to take place.
  • There's more than just a feeling about being around this person, in that your intuition will let you know that this is someone you should be with. You'll be able to connect with them on a different level, totally unlike anyone else in your world. This person will make you feel safe, warm, cozy and comfortable...like coming 'home.'
  • When you look into your soul mate's eyes, you'll see something completely different—you'll see their soul!
  • You will feel like you've been with this person for your entire life...or lives.
  • No matter how 'quirky' your soul mate is (or you are) your partner will just get it. You finish each other's sentences and know exactly what that person is thinking or feeling. You are connected to each other mentally and emotionally, no matter how far away you are or how long it's been since you've seen each other. You pick back up immediately.
  • Your soul mate can be in the form of a companion animal. Who else can teach you those lessons that you refuse to listen to from other humans?

You can and will have several soul mates in your life, even at the same time! Personally, I've identified about seven people in my life who are soul mates. They are friends and family, and are of both genders.

And now for "twin flames"

Twin flames are two halves of a single soul, but they are complete (in a way) on their own. They are way more complicated to explain than soul mates are, but I'll give it my best try.

At one time you were one giant soul that divided into two. Each one was technically complete and able to function on its own, but realized that it was still half of that whole soul. That is how twin flames originated. Their relationship is even more complicated than their description, because it implies more than simply being your twin. Your twin flame is your catalyst for change and growth (i.e. instant karma and drama). 

Each 'twin' can and will incarnate over and over, learning their lessons and developing on a spiritual level. They can incarnate at the same time, or not. They might bump into each other, but it's rare that they are ever incarnated at the same time. Twin flames come together as mirrors and can create a relationship together that is chaotic or stressful in many ways, because they are intense. As mirrors, they highlight each other's imperfections so that they can ultimately reconnect together again as a whole. So, they push each other's buttons until they are able to merge into a relationship that is a balance and harmonious. Of course, it might be a war before that happens, but so goes the process of twin flames. If you happen to be married to your twin flame—as I am—it can sometimes be a challenge, but worth it in the end!

One of the most interesting things about twin flames is that they are often complete opposites. They can come from different backgrounds, different religions, different races or different economic levels. They can and generally are the total opposites of each other, so that they can facilitate this important growth and ultimately ascension. In spite of the occasional stress and chaos in these relationships, they truly are like coming home because the two people know that they belong together on every level. This can help them get past their struggles and occasional battles over their obvious differences.

Once they become more balanced and harmonious, they will begin to grow spiritually at levels one can only dream of. This is when they come perfectly into alignment and facilitate their joint ascension process. When they work together, they'll discover their spiritual gifts even more, not to mention the fact that they'll discover themselves more!

So how do you know that this is your twin flame? I found a great list, compiled by Max and Lana on in5D:

  • You had dreams or visions of this person and/or your energetic relationship before ever meeting in this lifetime.
  • Meeting your partner felt like "coming home" to a familiar, long-lost energy. After meeting, you had "memories" of other times and places with that person that are not part of this life experience so far.
  • Your partner mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances, but you also complement each other's skill sets, talents, and capacities. You are the ultimate embodiment of yin/yang.
  • At least one partner is of higher frequency, possibly a First Waver, Indigo, and/or Crystal, or is genetically related to one.
  • You may be of different ages, the same or opposite sex, vastly different backgrounds, "opposing" religions or cultures, but you feel an incredible unity or incomparable sense of oneness with your partner.
  • You feel each other's symptoms, illnesses and emotions even when you are not near each other or in communication.
  • Your functioning is impaired or much less optimal when you are apart from your twin flame. It physically and mentally hurts when you are not together.
  • When you are with your partner and the relationship is in balance, you become stronger, more powerful, and more capable than you have ever felt. You feel united in a mission or "calling" to serve others and the world.
  • Your unconditional love for your partner is like no other. Your partner is likely to have a certain habit, quality, or "baggage" that would be a deal-breaker for you in any other relationship. However, you overlook it or willingly work through it with this partner, no matter what it takes.
  • You met your partner when one or both of you were in other relationships or otherwise "unavailable." It's likely that you met when and where you were least consciously expecting it.
  • Either you or your partner feared the power of the twin flame connection and ran from the relationship so as not to feel overwhelmed and/or vulnerable. Years may go by before you are both in the "place" to finally commit fully to the relationship.
  • The partner who ran from the twin flame relationship finally "wakes up" and realizes the significance. His or her "a-ha" moment comes as the result of a loss, illness, or other personal catastrophe. He or she then comes to terms with the fact that there is no other person or priority more important than the twin partner.
  • No matter how many times you break up or separate, forces seems to bring you back together. You see the "signs" and reminders of that twin connection everywhere, urging you back together.
  • Your relationship is characterized by extreme highs and lows, including passion and intense pain you've most likely never felt before.
  • In efforts to harmonize, justify karma, and balance each other, you "push each other's buttons" and test each other's limits like no one else has or ever will. Nevertheless, the extreme highs in the relationship consistently get higher.
  • Friends, family members, and others in your circle can't relate to the twin flame dramas and always try to get you to move on to someone or something else that seems more logical or better for you "on paper."
  • The growth you experience, the lessons you learn and the person you become in the twin flame relationship are more significant, happen more rapidly and are more powerful than any other experience or period of growth in your life.
  • You realize that your previous soul mates or other relationships prepared you for the twin flame reunion. Your twin flame may even have or embody a number of the unusual characteristics or outstanding attributes of your previous mates and soul friends.
  • You feel as if you've been waiting your whole life for this person. When you look back at your life, you see illnesses, sabotaged relationships, or other situations that manifested because you were still waiting and still looking for "the one."
  • Even if you are extremely tired of 3-dimensional existence here on earth, you heal, evolve, mature and continue to live, just to stay with your twin flame partner.
  • You are an "old soul" and this is your last human experience.
  • The more that you and your twin partner spend time together, the more rapidly and completely you awaken to higher consciousness.

You have a deep knowing that your twin partner is your destiny—not just in this lifetime, but also when you ascend, return "home," and are reunited for eternity.

I hope that this info will help you discover your own soul mate or twin flame. We have many soul mates who help improve the quality of our lives. They have much to share and teach us, just as we have much to share and teach them. Together we have the ability to help each other learn and grow.

You may not always find your twin flame, since it's rare that you incarnate at the same time, but when you do...it's magical!


Teri Van Horn

This article was originally published at www.healinglightonline.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.