Navigating Holiday Emotions


Holidays are often bittersweet. We (generally!) love being with family and/or friends, we love the sharing of stories, the non-denominational feel of being grateful. We love the food!But, as my friend Robin says, people tend to bring their baggage in along with their pies on Thanksgiving! Let's get a handle on that, shall we?

When someone pushes your buttons this holiday, first, take a breath. Second, take a step back and look with a bit of objectivity. Third, realize that "what they say is about them, what you hear, is about you." Most often, people are talking about themselves - but you often take it personally.


Usually when you feel that zap of a negative emotion, it means you are in your subconscious negative belief system about yourself. It has nothing to do with the other person! I don't care how nasty, obnoxious, or angry you feel someone is being, it is always up to you what you do with it.

It is so empowering when you release your attachment to wanting someone to behave differently than they do, or when you no longer get "charged" by someone's perceived "dig". When you can step into neutrality and objectivity, you will be freed by the chains that you bind yourself with!

I am also aware that the holidays can be lonely for some. The holidays tend to shine a light on our feelings of isolation and separation. For those of you who are feeling this, first, I send you love. Second, I offer some suggestions:


  1. Know that you are fine in this moment (and repeat that to yourself often)
  2. Find love for yourself within.
  • This is the first step to both attracting who you want into your life and for being       OK in the quietness of being alone.

  3. Do something wonderful for yourself

This is a great opportunity to "change your story". Instead of feeling victimized by your story or feeling abandoned, why not try moving through that and into creating a beautiful day for yourself? Do something you have wanted to do for a long time, something you haven't gotten around to doing.


Write in a journal what you are grateful for. By focusing on that, you move into the vibration of abundance and attract more into your life. This doesn't mean it happens magically (although I've seen some pretty amazing miracles). You do need to do something differently. You need to be aware of the opportunities to bring more of what you want into your life, and act on them with conviction.

Sending you a warm, believing-in-you hug!