Loving Your Life


It's possible to live a life you love!

We know that it "shouldn't" (one of my least favorite words, but you know what I mean) take a disaster to have us focus on living a life that is rich, feeds our soul, celebrates life and that looks at what we have instead of what we don't have. But the silver lining to a disaster is that it is an opportunity for us to do just that.


We are reminded of the importance of people, instead of stuff. Of being grateful for all we do have, instead of always focusing on what is wrong. You can pay attention to the beauty in a single blade of grass as a creative miracle, or the conversation you had with your daughter that makes you weep with love. These are the moments that make you feel whole, healthy and alive. These, in my opinion, are moments we need more of.

So I have an assignment for all of us this week! And that is to find inspiration in every day life, or to figure out where it's missing - and usually, it just takes a shift in focus to move toward living a life that feeds your soul. When you live a life that is inspirational, you inspire others to do the same. It is not selfish to live a good and wonderful life. It is a celebration and a nod to the universe/creator/spirit to live the best life you can. That also helps give the same permission to others.


Step 1: Ask yourself, where in your life do you find nourishment for your soul? Really sit and think about it. When was the last time you felt so good to your core that it was as if you were at one with the world, sitting in your own natural state of grace, if you will. Are you actually doing these things in your life? Or, are you living the busy life, the life unexplored, afraid to ask the hard questions? You can be reasonably fulfilled in your life and want more - there's no crime in that! It is always a matter of appreciating what you do have so that you live in that vibration. The more you live in that vibration, the happier your life is, and the more you attract more of that joy!

So I ask you, are you living a life that feeds your soul on some level? Here's a great exercise:


Step 2: Draw a pie chart of the different areas of your life, using the areas of your life that are important and have high value to you (for example: family/parenting, personal development, spiritual awakening, fun & enjoyment, intimate/social relationships, health/aging, personal finance, career/profession - and then include your own variations - environment, creativity, etc.)

Step 3: Circle the numbers that represent your level of satisfaction within each area of your life.

Step 4: Draw a line connecting the numbers around in a circle of sorts. Look at the places in which you are not living a fulfilling life that feeds you.

It may look simple, but I am a firm believer that a life unexplored leads to where we get lost. Finding the strengths and being grateful for them, and then finding the missing elements where you are not honoring yourself is an important first step to living a life you love.

Let me know how it goes... and in the meantime, take time to pause and smell, taste, hear, touch, and experience all the beauty that is in your life!