Inspiration Is All Around You


You just have to see it.

Here's a challenge: Find inspiration in someone who bugs you. Yes, seriously. Find what it is this annoying person gives to the world. Look for why this person is special.

You want to know why?

Because when you do that, you realize that we are all beautiful, special individuals. We all come from the same creation. When you can see with new eyes that even those people in your life who annoy the heck out of you bring light to the world, you will begin to realize how special you are! And how much your light is needed. Because we are all connected; we are all made of the same stuff.


And please, don't compare! You are needed, not because you're better, but because you are you. That is key. Your "annoying" friend is special to those who resonate with him or her. You are special and inspiring to your "peeps" when you are walking in your true nature - being the beautiful YOU that you are. When you compare, compete, judge - you hide that light a little bit more because you believe that in comparison, you're "less than" or "more than," when in fact, we are all the same beautiful creation in different packages.

Generally, people annoy you because there's a behavior that reflects back to you something in your own life you'd like to change. Or, they demonstrate something you wish you could do but are afraid of. If you flip that around, you just might find that inspiration can come in the strangest of forms. From your annoying friend. Or even non-friend!

So, can you spend the week finding inspiration in everyone, even the most annoying of people?

Think about how finding inspiration in them will, perhaps, inspire you to see how special you are. And maybe, for them, finding inspiration in YOU will allow them to appreciate, love, or finally see what's special about themselves.

It sounds simple, and it is. But as usual, although it may be simple, that doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be easy. That is, until we decide it is.

Once you make the decision and raise your awareness to see that the creator (universe, nature, God, Goddess, Spirit, or whatever it is you believe in) doesn't make mistakes, you'll see that you are an exquisite creation. And, whether you realize it yet or not, so is the most irksome person you know.