Are You A Control FREAK? 3 Ways To Let Go And Delegate Like A BOSS

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MAXIMIZE your day through delegation.

Wouldn't an extra hour or two feel great today? Think of what you might accomplish. You could make progress with an important project. Polish your presentation. Attend that networking event. Enjoy dinner with family or friends. Take that spinning class. Or sit on the sofa with your cat.

Delegation helps you create time that you can use as you choose.

Here are three tips on how to delegate effectively:

1. Decide What To Delegate

For example, choose tasks that others can and should do because they don't make the best use of your time and talent, given your job level. Having someone else do administrative work, like inputting data or researching information you need for a larger project, frees you up for more important work. 

Let someone else curate information from an Internet search rather than spending hours on Google sifting through thousands of search results — most of which aren't relevant. For some, those searches can send you off in directions that distract you and don't move you closer to your goal.

2. Select The Right Person For The Task

Consider the person's skill set, likes and their track record for getting the job done. Maybe they're someone you already mentor or are considering mentoring. 

Agree on milestones and checkpoints. Follow up, provide feedback and coaching. This not only opens up your calendar, it's a great training ground for someone interested in working their way up the corporate ladder.

3. Let Go Of Your Inner Control Freak

Allow others to get the job done in their way. That "no one can do it as well as me" attitude will only take you so far. If the person goes completely off the rails, feedback is how you can get them back on track.

Delegation gives others an opportunity to shine, and you more time to do what only you can and should do.

As far as your own career goes, managing people successfully will demonstrate your ability to direct a team toward a goal. That's a skill set every company wants in their leaders.

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This article was originally published at spiritofpurpose.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.