How To Find True Inner Happiness With Each Passing Year


We all can find peace within ourselves.

In an edition of O Magazine, Oprah asked a number of readers, "What do you appreciate most about getting older?" While I enjoyed each woman's response, Azadeh Reza Mercado said, "Finding, hearing and listening to my inner voice."

Her response reminded me of a previous blog I wrote about hearing your true voice, not the myriad of voices in your headyour mother's, your 1st grade teacher's, your older sister's, the minister or rabbi's, your girlfriends', or that thing you read recentlyrather the truth that comes from the deepest part of who you really are. 

Like Ms. Mercado, I am thankful for the ever-present voice within that communicates with me.

In a recent conversation with a client, I said, "I treasure the clarity and peace I receive from hearing from the wise one within me."

She then asked, "How do you know it's your inner voice and not just some other voice in your head?" Her question made me think.

I told her that the voice of my inner selfmy guide and counselor, my higher selfalways leaves me feeling calm, clear and certain.

Truly, for me, it's that simple. When I connect with my inner guide, I shift from unrest to feeling at ease. I morph from confusion about what I feel, think or need to do or say into clear confident being. 

All the tension in my shoulders disappears. The dull ache in my head evaporates. The tightness and churn in my gut settles down. I breathe a full, deep, unrestricted breath. 

In this way, my body is a good barometer. It recognizes and accepts the powerful truth and wisdom of my higher self.

Maybe you've experienced this after turning down an invitation to something that you just didn't want to attend, or you found a creative solution to a nagging problem. Or maybe the calm came after you stood your ground where you'd normally give in. The resultyou got just what you wanted and needed.

The wise one within you is continually trying to connect with you, to serve you. She wants to ease your burdens, answer your questions, guide you through tough decisions and help you find the easiest path to your next destination.

Like Azadeh Reza Mercado, do you value and trust what you hear from within? If you don't have a solid relationship with your inner self, if you aren't sure you'd know her if she came to your front door, or if you've never considered this question, there are easy steps you can take to test the waters.

  1. The first critical step is acknowledging that you want to.
  2. Once a day, or once a week, take the time to interact and engage. Ask questions to which you'd like answers. Start with a simple question like, "How should I approach my co-worker/friend/mother-in-law about an issue I'm having."
  3. Look and listen for a response. The answer may come through a book, another person, a dream, a sudden knowing, etc. Or say to your higher self, "I'm here to listen.  Speak to me."
  4. Sit and wait patiently. Words, images, feelings, ideas, thoughts will come into your awareness. The more you listen for and accept the messages that come to you, the easier it is to hear her whispers.

Listening and hearing takes practice.  In order to trust what you hear and receive, a leap of faith may be required, particularly early on.  You may find that you have to decide to suspend disbelief and, through an act of faith, accept that what you're hearing is credible and trustworthy.

Ask, listen and trust what you receive. Consciously choose to connect with your inner voice, your internal and eternal wisdom.

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This article was originally published at http://spiritofpurpose.com/how-to-connect-with-you-inner-wisdom/. Reprinted with permission from the author.