Why I Agree That TV's '2 & A Half Men' Is 'Filth'

Why I Agree That TV's '2 & A Half Men' Is 'Filth' [EXPERT]
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Plus: 4 keys to a mutually satisfying relationship.

4. You build trust with one another. Trust is something you earn; it is not something to be granted freely. Trusting someone with your life can leave you open to being hurt. The best way to build trust is to follow through on what you say you will do.

This can be as simple as saying you will take out the garbage, then not doing it. Your partner will probably get irritated with you and you may argue. This does not build trust. To build trust, you would need to actually follow through and take the garbage out. In this way, your partner sees that your word and actions match up which build trust.

Angus T. Jones has grown up and learned about life a bit more. He has chosen to go public with his disdain of the "filth" on Two and A Half Men and warns people to stop watching. I'm sure he will get a lot of "haters" attacking him but I admire his stand and willingness to take his views public. I think he sees something more for relationships than just sex. Might it be, that he is promoting healthy mutually satisfying loving relationships?

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