Thanks For The Divorce? How Gratitude Can Help You Heal

Thanks For The Divorce? How Gratitude Can Help You Heal [EXPERT]
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How the attitude of gratitude can help you overcome the pain of divorce.

If you are in the process of divorcing, the grief can be overwhelming. So, what is the best way to deal with the seemingly never ending assaults?

The answer may surprise you. It is the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude can be like a salve applied gingerly to an open wound. It is meant to heal and protect you from the ravages of being hurt by your former spouse. A protective covering that can sooth your emotions and even give you a sense of peace.

You might be thinking, I feel so devastated, I can't imagine feeling peace ever again! or Good riddance! I'm so glad to be done with this marriage! Both responses suggest you're harboring resentment and anger. In both cases, you feel hurt and are grieving in your own way.

Grieving is normal and must be gone through for optimal mental health. You can allow yourself to have a reprieve from the grief by intentionally allowing yourself to focus on the things in which you are grateful.

There are many blessings to be grateful for while recovering from divorce. Some of these include: freedom from conflict with your former spouse; freedom to make your own decisions; the ability to decorate however you want; a positive model for your kids that it is not healthy to stay in a toxic marriage; the opportunity to parent your children the way you want to when they are at your house; the occasion to learn how supportive friends and family can be.

Inevitably, your children are calmer and more peaceful due to the decrease in anxiety and fighting in the home. You are free to learn what you can from the lost relationship so you don’t make the same mistakes again. These ideas are a starting place to find and attitude of gratitude and get you started. Continue reading ...

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