007 Sexy Qualities Every Relationship Needs

7 Love Lessons From James Bond In Skyfall
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We could all learn a thing or two about love from James Bond.

7. Loving intelligent people. Watching any 007 movie, Bond has relationships with attractive, smart people. I could name most everyone in the movie as intelligent and 007 seems to enjoy matching wits with them. Bond even admires some who have out witted him like Q.

Many of the Bond women were vulnerable with him as well, yet tough spies themselves. These short lived relationships were met with vulnerable eye contact and intimate conversation. Bond had to be careful who he trusted and sometimes was burned by the women he loved.

We all have choices in our relationships, the reality of vulnerability and loss is present for any relationship. What would happen if you chose to love Skyfall style? It must be appealing due to the masses of people who went to the movie opening weekend.

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