Sex Addiction Is Real, Says Scientific Community

Sex Addiction Is Real, Says Scientific Community [EXPERT]
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Do you doubt the legitimacy of sex addiction? Here's why you shouldn't.

In my own and other CSAT practices around the country and around the world, we see the effects sex addiction has on the sex addict and each of the family members on a daily basis. I am one voice who will speak up for the sex addicts and their families that it is a very real issue. The fact that this study shows Hypersexuality Disorder as a diagnosable disorder is a blessing for many people.

The statistics in the study showed that clinicians were able to accurately diagnose those who had a sexual problem with the DSM-5 criteria.  Equally important, people without the serious pervasive sexual problems were accurately not diagnosed with the disorder. 

Healing takes time and can't be done alone in isolation. Shame keeps the sex addict in hiding living a dual secret life, which is the very reason healing needs to be done in a community, with people who are supportive. That's why 12 step programs are so helpful for the addict and their family. Telling their sex addiction story and being vulnerable with safe people, is a helpful remedy for addicts. If you think you might have a problem with sex addiction based on the DSM-5 criteria above, seek help; your life can be so much better and you deserve true honest caring with others.

Families can heal and thrive with treatment. I have witnessed healing between spouses. Sex Addicts develop skills and tools to fight the sexual urges which have caused so much pain for themselves and their loved ones. Family members learn to cope with the grief of discovering their loved one has a sex addiction.

Healing does occur and recovery is strengthened. I have been witness to couples who are thankful for the wakeup call of the sexual addiction. Through the process of healing, they have a deeper closer relationship with each other. I think that is fantastic and it's such a miracle how the human spirit can endure and thrive. 10 Love Tools For Romance & Mutual Couple Satisfaction [EXPERT]

If you think you may be a partner of a sex addict, find out more information and educate yourself. You are not the only one. To learn more, sign up for my free webinar coming up in March. You can also connect with me on my website at

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