Why General Petraeus Cheated

Why General Petraeus Cheated [EXPERT]
Heartbreak, Sex

What motivates infidelity and how cheaters expect to get away with it.

4. Is there hope for marriages after an affair is discovered? Some people choose to leave a marriage after an affair has occurred. There are many good reasons for this choice, but the betrayal remains and has to be worked through for your own mental health. If you want to deal with and work through the betrayal feelings you will improve your emotional health and will be less likely to meet another person who betrays you.

Many couples have survived an affair or sexual addiction. It requires an investment in time and making the relationship more important than anything else. Couples need to seek the help from a knowledgeable therapist who specializes in affairs and/or sex addiction. The therapist can help the couple learn about themselves and how to make their relationship mutually satisfying.

There is hope if there is a desire by both people in the relationship. Couples who work through an affair and build trust with one another often develop a deeper sense of care and trust for one another.

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