How Mindy McCready's Suicide Could Have Been Prevented

Mindy McCready

Suicide is serious business. Learn how you can help.

Sometimes people have underlying mental health issues like depression, anxiety or a mood disorder that is untreated. Getting treatment can help by identifying these disorders of the brain and stabilizing a person's mood with medications or intentional coping strategies.

Mindy appeared on the Dr. Drew show Celebrity Rehab in 2009. She had both mental health and addiction issues. Previously, Mindy attempted to take her life in 2005 and in 2008. Multiple attempts at suicide make a person even higher risk for completing a suicide. After the trauma of her boyfriend's death in January, Mindy had a perfect storm for relapse into addiction. Her children being placed in foster care would also indicate that she had relapsed.

So what can we do to help people who are struggling with depression and are a suicide risk?

Help them get into treatment, arrange for round the clock supervision of the person. Remove all weapons including guns, knives and other sharp objects out of the home. Support for a suicidal person includes listening to their pain story. They don't need you to fix them. Take an interest in them as a person and remind the suicidal person of their importance as a friend, parent, sister, brother, etc. Let them know their life matters to you.

Sometimes a suicide attempt is a cry for help.The person doesn't really want to die but doesn't know how to ask for help or is unwilling to receive help. Mindy had many indicators that she was in distress and at risk for suicide. It is clearly a tragedy when anyone takes their own life. Let us all be conscious when those around us are in distress. Sometimes we do the best we can and the person takes their life anyways. It is not your fault, you can't prevent someone who is intent on harming themself. 

I send blessings of peace and love to those who are survivors of a suicide. Give yourself the gift of community and share your story with others so they can help share the burden you are carrying.

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