Kids & Sexting: What Parents Need To Know

Kids & Sexting: What Parents Need To Know [EXPERT]

Children need to know healthy guidelines to prevent sexting. Wondering what you can say to your kids? Surprise! Women More Likely To Sext Than Men

Below are five crucial things to tell your kids about the dangers of sexting:

1. Think about the consequences of sending a sexual text or picture. They can be kicked off sports teams or clubs. They can suffer psychologically by being teased by peers and called names. They can be arrested. 

2. Never take pictures of yourself or others that you wouldn't want to show your classmates and teachers.

3. Before hitting send, remember your text or message may end up forever on the internet somewhere and you will have no control over it.

4. If you forward a sexually charged text or photograph of anyone under the age of 18 years old, you may be charged with a sex crime and labeled a sex offender. How To Text With Care

5. If you receive a sexting message, tell a trusted adult as soon as possible.

This week is Children's Mental Health week. Let's keep our kids safe and have healthy dialogues with them about appropriate texting. Journey to Abundant Life as a family.

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