"The Dark Knight Rises": Helping Us All To Heal

"The Dark Knight Rises": Helping Us All To Heal [EXPERT]

"The Dark Knight Rises" may just have the answers to help us recover from the Colorado massacre.

3. The initiation.  Bruce had to decide to re-engage in community life. What was it that motivated Bruce to re-enter the social world in Gotham? Quite possibly, it was his passion for helping homeless boys. He had a personal interest invested in helping those who lived at the boys home.

Bruce had struggles and developed more of an interest in Gotham the more he learned of how his isolation affected the boys home. How can you re-enter socially for connection, care and compassion?

4. The ordeal. Obviously, this is the battle of good vs evil. We become clear how the villain wants to harm Gotham and why. Batman dedicates his life and we see how he personally sacrifices himself to save the city of Gotham from destruction. What are you battling today? Your decision affects those around you. How do you want to choose?

5. Breakthrough. Bruce Wayne and Batman discover they are valuable and needed to others. They save the day and make life better for the citizens of Gotham. How much potential do you have? What are your passions? Your greatest struggles may be where your greatest passion lies. How can you make a difference; in the world, in countries, in states, in counties, in cities, in towns, in neighborhoods and in your home? Christian Bale Shows Compassion In Visit With Shooting Victims

Care, courage, and compassion are qualities of a hero in any story. What will you choose?

Teresa Maples MS LMHC is an author, licensed mental health counselor and coach from Gig Harbor, Washington. Connect with her for a Journey to Abundant Life. What Is Abundant Life?