9 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Dad

9 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Dad [EXPERT]

This Father's Day, take some time to consider all the things dads do.

5. When a father is an emotionally safe person, a daughter can seek him out  to answer her questions about life including sex. Most daughters are clueless about what boys are like as teens. Daughters need their fathers to share their experience of being a teen so she can be prepared to protect her heart from love gone awry.

6. When a father models  what a healthy relationship looks like with his wife, he shows his daughter how a woman should be treated by a man.

7. When a father models being a safe person, his daughter can explore the world and have her daddy be her safety net. Dad's can provide comfort to a daughter when she has experienced hurt in the world. He can also share in her joy. 7 Educational Games You Can Play With Your Kids

8. Fathers show their love by sometimes saying no to activities that could cause his daughter harm, so that she stays safe. This might mean that he allows her to be mad at him without threatening his relationship with her.

9. Fathers provide unconditional emotional support so a daughter can grow into the woman she was meant to be. 5 Signs Miley Cyrus' Marriage Will Last

A father's time, understanding and approval go far to help a daughter feel secure in herself. His role is vital to her growth and health.  Without a father (male role model), a daughter may have wounds she can't see or identify.  It is hard to grieve something you don't know you don't know. So, let's celebrate where fathers do show up to contribute to his daughters wellness. This Father's Day let's celebrate the small and big ways your father has shown up for you, as a daughter, by commenting below about ways your father has shown up for you.

Teresa Maples MS LMHC CSAT is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is dedicated to bringing healthy relationship skills to families so they might enjoy a Journey to Abundant Life. Contact Teresa to start your Journey today.