5 Love Lessons From Olympic Athletes

5 Love Lessons From Olympic Athletes [EXPERT]
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Would your relationship get the gold?

We too can glean from their example. We all need coaches, mentors, teachers and counselors to help us attain the gold for our relationships. We tend to run out of tools we know, and often need another's perspective to refine our ability to grow personally and as a couple.

Everyone can work towards an Olympic gold medal relationship. Relationships are based on the unique qualities of both people within them. Each relationship will be uniquely yours as defined by your Gold Medal criteria. Anyone can attain Gold in their relationships by following the Olympic athlete's example.

How might our relationships change if we decided to challenge our prevailing independent culture and return to a social system where interdependence was accepted and valued? If you would like more information about having a Gold Medal Relationship feel free to contact me.

Teresa Maples MS LMHC is an author, licensed mental health counselor and life coach from Gig Harbor, Washington. Connect with her for a Journey to Abundant Life.