7 Ways Parents Can Ensure Cell Phone Safety

7 Ways Parents Can Ensure Cell Phone Safety [EXPERT]
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Before you hand your child a cell phone, be aware of the consequences.

If you are a parent, there comes a time when you decide you want to reach your child for emergencies or changes of plans and you get your child a cell phone. The benefit of instant access to your child feels reassuring and safe and you like being available to your child any time they need reassurance or to say hello. 7 Fun, Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

It seems as if all the kids have cell phones at school and your best friends have given their kids a cell phone. This seemingly innocent act does have its benefits, what we all need to understand is that there is a dark side which can affect your children.

A recent study was highlighted in US News 'Sexting' Common Among Teens: Survey. The actual study was published online June 7th in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and in this study, 606 high school students were surveyed.  Nearly 20% of the students reported sending a sexually explicit image of themselves, and twice as many students  had received an image on a cell phone.

Of these students, over 25% had forwarded images to others.  Over a third of the students sent the images even though they knew it was illegal and they might have consequences. Of great concern, is that the teens surveyed indicated that their parents were in the home when they sent the images.

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