The Best Fashion and Style Tips

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We’ve combed the web and consulted with Pinterest to find 12 of the best fashion and style tips for you. You may have some of these clothing examples in your closet waiting to figure out how to wear them or you might be wondering how to be more fashionable. No need to get rid of something, we can tell you how to fix it or utilize it.

How to Tuck Jeans into Your Boots

When the weather starts to warm up you will want to break out those boots. If your favorite jeans don’t fit into your boots, follow the step by step instructions in the image above to make it work. If you are in teh market for a new pair, check out Neverland Store.

How to Make Faux Leg Warmers

Do you want to pull off the look of leg warmers without really wearing them? Maybe it’s too hot for leg warmers or maybe your boots are just too tight for this fashion trend. That’s ok, repurpose an old sweater and just use part of the sleeve in the top of your boots.

How to Keep Your Zipper Up

Do you have a pair of jeans that you love, but the zipper is broken and can’t stay up? Here is an easy clever idea to keep that zipper up without spending any money and minimal effort with a key ring holder.

How to Clean Deodorant Off Your Shirt

This happens to the best of us and usually always when we’ve finally settled on an outfit and we’re running late. When you take that final look in the mirror, you see deodorant stains on your shirt. Keep baby wipes handy, they get out deodorant marks and many other stains.

How to Remove Sweat Stains

No one has to know that we sweat. No need to throw out those shirts that have yellow perspiration stains on the arm pits ever again. Keep a bottle with lemon juice handy in your laundry room and spray the arm pits before washing the shirts.

How to Remove Bubble Gum from Clothing

Until now, gum on your clothes almost always meant throwing them away. You will be surprised to know that you can freeze bubble gum solid by putting some ice on it and waiting until it is hard enough to scrape right off. No more gooey mess!

How to Stretch Your Shoes

Don’t even worry about debating whether your feet got bigger or your shoes got smaller. This is an easy, overnight solution to shoes that don’t fit. Put water in sealed bags and put them in the toes of your shoes. Place them in the freezer overnight and as the water expands, your shoes will stretch. No need to buy any gadgets, this is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to be able to wear your favorite shoes again.

New Looks for Your Belts

You don’t need to have a myriad of belts in order to get different looks. This image illustrates ideas for tying your belts in various ways to add a bit of difference and flair to your wardrobe.

How to Choose a Necklace for Your Neckline

This is a handy reference chart to help you choose the right necklace to go with the neckline of the shirt or top you are wearing. Keep this around to refer to when you are getting ready. Eventually, you will get a routine down and know what goes with what, but this is always a good reference, especially when you get something new.

DIY Cap Toe Shoes

Have an plain, old pair of shoes that is just begging for a new look? Cap toe shoes are a trend. You probably have a pair of shoes just waiting for a spruce up like this. Using some painter’s tape will give you that perfect line and come off very easily.

Bra Strap Concealer

Most ladies often complain that some of the best shirts, blouses, or dresses fall off the shoulder and the bra strap ends up showing. This is an easy fix with just a couple stitches of a fabric strip with snaps on it. It is sewn into the underside of the top of the shoulder and you snap it around the bra strap. It holds your blouse in place and never exposes your bra strap.

How to Make a Vintage Look T-Shirt

There is no need to pay extra for the vintage look and you don’t have to wait years for it either. You can achieve the super soft look of a vintage tee by soaking it in a salt water brine solution of 1 quart water and ½ cup salt for 3 days. After soaking it, wash with a dash of detergent and then tumble dry.


As you can see, it can be easy to preserve, reuse and transform your existing wardrobe to make sure you stay in fashion and on top of the latest trends. All this can be done without having to buy everything new or spend a lot of money for the changes and transformations. Our 12 fashion tips run the gamut from cleaning tough problems to transforming something old into new trends. You can also often keep clothing you love longer with our helpful tips. Go forth and be fashion forward! For more great fashion and clothing options, check out Neverland Store for the latest in women's street wear.

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