Why I became a Health Coach and now Pay-It-Forward


Many of us turn to a passion for helping others due to a life experience of our own. My story.

BodyVision Health Coaching was started from a passion to help young adults improve their lives with the fundamental tools of lasting well-being. More than a comprehensive list of tips and tricks, a healthy lifestyle is truly achieved when you learn empowering methods that you can customize and use again and again. A sense of personal responsibility, self-love, and simply ‘getting the job done’ will form your foundation to living a life of design, purpose, and joy!

So who am I to be able to guide you on this journey? Well, here is my story.

Way back in the winter of 1985, as an ivy league college Senior with exams, my thesis deadline and Graduation just a few months away, I had reached a point so frustrated with my excessive eating, weekend parties, overweight, out of shape body, that I knew I just HAD to do something. Walking into a local diet center, I signed up for their program. It was the first time I had done anything of the sort in my whole life, but it was as though my feet had brought me there and my hand signed the welcome kit for me.

I was luckily assigned the most wonderful counselor in the world who looked after me, the whole way down the rocky road to 25 pounds lighter, through plateaus, nutrition re-education, learning how to say ‘no’, how to get through cafeteria life, party life, holidays at home, simple cooking, dorm snacks, setbacks and so much more. I can still picture myself huffing and puffing as a newbie at the college aerobics class thinking how great it will be when each one of my legs is a couple of pounds lighter…..

More than graduating that May at my goal weight of 135 pounds, I had learned the most valuable lessons of my whole life: how to tap into an inner fighting spirit when you need to, how to live in alignment with your deepest values by creating a life around what matters most, how to overcome obstacles and setbacks, and that health is just as much mental and emotional as it is physical. This is not like any course you learn at school! Through my own continuing life as business executive, mother of 3, country and city dweller, traveler, and eternal student – I kept the weight down, dieting now and again when necessary, but knowing I had the power to overcome a lot more than just a ‘diet’ in life. I became a better, more resilient, authentic person in the process.

Now, as a certified and broadly experienced Health Coach, I transform my life lessons and my training into helping clients create their OWN story, their own unique version of health success, the deep and solid foundation of everything that underlies the ‘greater you’.

10 certifications and 8 years of case-studies in clinical, educational and community settings have taught me the nuances of lasting behavior change adapted to lifestyle. In the quest to know what it was really like to face the diet jungle in today's noisy internet world, I tried dozens of programs and shakes, pills, alternative therapies, I interviewed over 50 medical doctors and healers, was analyzed from machines to Indian ayurvedic doctors to detox specialists - there is hardly anything out there that I haven't tried myself!

Today, I pay-it-forward by helping clients quickly identify their vision, their goals, the path we'll take, the support tools we'll be using. As a Board Certified Coach, we'll use obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. Success is, in my view, less a matter of willpower as it is in designing success on the inside and out!  It is better to make your healthy habits program work for you   - not the other way around.