Are You An Emotional Eater? 7 Ways To Tell

Are You An Emotional Eater? 7 Ways To Tell [EXPERT]

Our emotions can cause us to do many impulsive acts, especially eating.

How many times have you caught yourself using the word binge ... or telling yourself that you should have not eaten that? Do you plop down in front of the TV and grab, well, whatever you grab every time you plop in front of the TV? Do you groan when you think about last night's 11 p.m. pizza or look at a strange assortment of items in the refrigerator? Are You "Too Busy" To Find Love?

All of these scenarios have one thing in common: a nagging feeling or at least a little cringe inside, about not being your best self when it comes to food. So, how do we know when our eating is emotional eating instead of normal hunger for nutrition? Here are seven ways to tell:

1. Hunger comes suddenly. One minute you're feeling fine and along comes a trigger, then suddenly it's OMG-I-need-a-triple-ice-cream!

2. Your body demands food immediately. This is not a hunger that can wait; if there is Ben & Jerry's in the freezer, it won't stay in there for long. 3 Simple Steps For Lasting Love

3. You crave a very particular food or you find you'll eat just about anything in sight. If there is a trigger to emotional eating, you'll probably notice one extreme or the other.

4.You'll eat the food without really noticing the color, texture, smell, or preparation of the food. It is just eating that is the focus of attention in the moment.

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