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You need to be the love of your life to attract the love of your life.

About Tasha The Love Coach

Tasha The Love Coach helps people become The Perfect Catch and attract the man or woman of their dreams. Tasha’s international clientele enjoy a 100% success rate in getting what they want in record time! The Love Coach offers her fresh, original 30 Dates in 30 Days™ system to achieve your love dream. Wherever you may be on your love journey—from not liking your thighs to self-loathing, Tasha’s system makes love a reality…for everyone.

Tasha has what it takes to help you get what you want in love. The Love Coach has the following certifications, education, and training: Master Practitioner of NLP; certified Dream Coach®; Tony Robbins Coaches Academy; coached since the year 2000; and wrote her book, Love to Love You. She is a Northwestern University graduate and has an MBA.

She has done countless television, radio, magazine, and newspaper appearances and articles, including Vh1 and Aspen Magazine. Tasha has donated thousands of dollars through her “choose love” charity.

Immersed in her passion and purpose every day, Tasha is authentic, genuine, and honest. She believes everyone can have the love life they desire. No sacrificing allowed! Holding people to their highest standards, it is all about being the right person to attract the right person...and you will.

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