How To Unlock The Full Pleasure Potential Of The Vagina

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Most women speak only in hushed tones of their fancy bits, few know how to get the most from them!

I am a business owner and an entrepreneur. I manage my money with the use of a financial planner and an accountant. I have a business mentor, a marketing manager, and a wide network of colleagues from whom I can seek advice. No question is too big or small to find an answer. Also, I have a vagina.

There are just shy of 12 million women in Australia today, and yet there are few resources for how to operate this Pink Velvet Glove. In fact, most women speak only in hushed tones of their fancy bits, or they whisper the word "sex" under their breath so as not to be overheard in the coffee shop.

There are few in my business circles that are ready for this kind of conversation, yet they all ask me for advice in our private moments. Because they want to express their own sensuality.

I used to live like that. It was like owning a motorbike and pushing it around in neutral, only sometimes accidentally kicking it into first and imagining those first rumblings of power were synonymous with the joy and freedom of other riders on the open road. My pleasure was a happy accident.

The feeling bled into other facets of my femininity and sexuality. The hushed tones & flushed cheeks that came with a sexual conversation meant that I settled easily into being "one of the boys." It was a source of pride for me that I could hold my own with a bunch of blokes. 

They would speak of the world of women and say "not you, you're different, you're one of us" and while I felt pleasure at the inclusion there was also a pang of hurt that they hadn't truly noticed me.

If only I could find a detailed HOW, then it would unlock the door to my femininity, and the sensual woman inside of me.

So I have done A LOT of research. Read books. Watched films. Asked questions. And what I found was mostly vague and unsatisfying. It alluded to answers and speaks of how amazing sexual liberation will be, but it is light on the How To.

It's the motorcycle guide that tells you "now kick it into third and lean in!" It doesn't tell you that third is two-up. And to lean 15 degrees. What I really wanted was a detailed step-by-step guide to a woman's pleasure.

Lou Paget's How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure is the perfect resource. The book is written as an educational guide for men, and the matter of fact approach taken by Paget means it is an exceptionally helpful guide for women and men alike. Her delicious refined and mellow tones make listening to the audio book a delightful insightful experience.

Paget's book addresses how to excite a woman's mind and her body in her unique way, instead of trying to learn a formulaic technique. If you understand your own body then you are able to connect to your sensual self. And if you're still curious about how you can increase your own pleasure, listening to the book will help everything fall into place.

How have you learned to drive your own Pink Porsche? I would love to hear your stories, tips and insights.


Tara xx

This article was originally published at The Sugar Doctor. Reprinted with permission from the author.