Why Kristen Stewart Would Cheat On Robert Pattinson

Why Kristen Stewart Would Cheat On Robert Pattinson [EXPERT]

If Stewart's director took advantage of that fear and played on that dynamic, who is Stewart in all of her 22 years to resist those advances? Doesn't this reflect a familiar dynamic? We've all seen this before — over a century of movie industry actresses being seduced by their directors. So, why are we blaming Kristen for what may have been a play by Sanders? 2 Things You Must Do NOW To Truly Overcome Your Partner's Affair

5. Cheating is doable. Stewart and Pattinson, while partnered, aren't married and don't have children. So, why did a recent blogger say about Kristen, "You let down millions of young women who admired you." Really? Stewart is a successful Hollywood actress, a grown woman in a relationship with a grown man, in a workplace surrounded by other grown men, shooting a very grown-up film.

Granted, it was about Snow White, so maybe young girls expected more from her since she really is representing an idealized version of a young cartoon girl. But apparently in this version, Snow White has been woken up ... not by the Prince, but by her director.

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