Delete Him

Delete Him

Get rid of bad relationship, getting over him, emotional abuse

If he is not nice to you, delete him. And I mean delete him from your facebook page, from your cell phone and anywhere else that he is taking up space in your life.  You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. That is the bottom line for all relationships and there is no compromise here.

It is abusive if someone calls you names or puts you down.  It is emotionally hostile if they hold you hostage by threatening to hurt themselves if you break up with them.  If  you are married and they constantly throw the "D" bomb (divorce) then understand that your relationship is toxic and something has to give.   And, no, it its NOT ok if they call you the "B" word - ever. 

So many women today put up with being treated unkindly by the men they date or marry.  If your partner is erratic and seems to be kind one minute and mean the next, that is more then being moody, that could be a psychological issue.  If they become irrational and mean, that is a sign of something more pathological and you should run out the door, quickly.

A large percentage of women today allow their relationship problems to escalate because they are afraid of being alone.   Some of them end up stuck in unhappy relationships, or even abusive situations.

Dont let yourself get burnt.  Get out today.  If he is not nice to you, figure out why you put up with it and then get yourself clean.  Clean from the negative energy that is following you around.  You're worth it.

Dr Tammy Nelson is a sex and relationship expert and can be found at