Can Texting Help Your Love Life?


Can texting really help your love life? There are so many stories out there today about how texting, social networking and the internet can interfere with your relationship. Yet some couples are able to integrate these modern uses of technology into their lovemaking skills. Instead of using your blackberry or iphone as a way to exit from your relationship, avoiding intimacy and contact wtih your partner, why not use your electronics as a way to connect? Many of us spend long days at work and with daily responsibilities away from our partners. Sometimes we spend more time with colleagues than we do with the ones we love. Texting our partner to remind them that we are thinking of them, or even better, that we are having sexy fantasies while we are apart, can keep romance alive. Sending your partner an unexpected text can brighten their day; it shows you are spending time thinking about making them smile. It can also comfort them to know that you are at your desk fantasizing about home. Texting can heal rifts from the night before; you can always be the first one to apologize. A loving text can bring confidence and hope during a stressful meeting, and remind couples that they are not alone, even when they are apart. Texts can begin a sexy evening, allowing the anticipation to build for whats to come, before you even get home. Texting can help your love life keep the spark it once had, build a fire from a spark that needs fuel, and remind you that you are never farther away then one quick "TTYL."

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