Fulfilling A Sexual Fantasy


I want to experiment and fulfill a sexual fantasy or two!

I recently had a conversation with a man who totally understood my vision of the perfect scenario between two sexual partners.  This is my personal sexual fantasy to find a man who first off understands the concept and second is willing to participate in a relationship with me and to create this level of deep intimacy!  I was just a little overwhelmed to be having this conversation with him because at first I wasn’t sure if he was willing to really have a more intimate conversation like this after just meeting him, but he was open so I dived right in and I had goose bumps! I was seeking to know his truth.  I was enthralled that he really did understand me and he was making a genuine effort t o pick my brain as well!
I asked him what his sexual fantasy was and he replied by saying to have a woman who was open to having different styles of sex and to be willing to use sex toys to enhance her orgasmic experience.  He wasn’t looking for group sex or swingers,  he just wanted to have a genuine satisfying experience with one woman.  So further  into the conversation he asked me what would be my sexual fantasy and I replied by saying that if I could find a man who was willing to blindfold me, tie me up and take complete control than I would be sooo happy! I want to be able to completely submit to a man yet also have my boundaries respected. 
I triggered something in him because he then commented that as a man he needs to find a woman who would be willing to honor his physical body and to basically worship what he can offer her.  He also wanted to be called “Master”! I was so impressed by this man because I felt I had finally met someone who understood the dance between two partners.  I feel that this level of deep respect for each partner  can create such a huge level of trust ! There is nothing sexier than a partner who is willing to talk about what they really want and want completely turns them on! Second to spend time with their partner to explore them mentally, emotionally and physically so that they know how to please each other on all levels.  Lastly be willing to act it out.  Take the time to play out this sexual fantasy of domination and submission and learn about each other! Life and sex are not perfect! I feel you have to try different things, touch your partner, play with them, ask them what feels good or not and keep at it! Our bodies change too and there is nothing sexier than a commitment to each other to keep learning together!
Who would stray from a relationship if you knew that you were coming home to a partner who knew the perfect thing to say to get you in the mood.  To touch you once in that special place and to instantly arouse you? Or to know what evokes passion in you and sets the scene for a fun relaxing night together and or took the time out to make you feel special, cherished and honored sexually?  Isn’t that the perfect sexual fantasy to experience total bliss on all levels and to worship each other?
It takes patience on both ends.  Most women expect men to know everything about them on the first night! Yet women don’t speak about what they like or how they like it.  Many men don’t ask either! They assume that all women’s bodies are the same.  That is so far from the truth.  And for couples who have lost the spark in their sexual relationships, this idea of taking time out to get to know each other once again might actually shock you to find out that you may not even genuinely know your partner after all these years! You may have been having sex but in my opinion that doesn’t mean you know everything about you or your partner.  Take some time out to ask each other a few simple questions, such as:
• If you only had one more night to live and you could have the most extremely fulfilling sexual fantasy available for you, what would it be?
• Do you feel you deserve to have your sexual fantasy fulfilled?
• Are you willing to help fulfill your partner’s sexual fantasy?
If either of these simple questions triggered an uneasiness in you or if your first reaction was “Oh, I could never share my sexual fantasy with my partner!” then, I can certainly help you and or your partner to start communicating about your sexual fantasy.  The act of communication is crucial in all relationships, and building deeper trust can change your life.  A sexual fantasy is just a fantasy.  Whether or not you act the fantasy is a different issue, but taking the time out and getting to know the person who you live with is a beautiful gift!
One of my most popular workshops I offer is called “Explore Your Fantasies and Reignite Your Sex Life” which are available in small intimate groups or online!  Offering a course online can help to ease the pressure of judgement  without anyone sitting directly beside you! Each month I offer a group discussion in the workshop about a specific fantasy and as a group I teach you how to understand the dynamic s of what the sexual fantasy actually means.  Private consultations are also available for couples via skype or in person.  Please check my calendar page for the list of all my fun filled events!
Each month I speak about a different sexual fantasy on my radio show called “Let’s Figure it Out…Intimately” in my series called “Behind the Red Door”.  Here I also answer general questions, as well as addressing any fears or anxieties that are common.  I even share my own personal experiences so that you understand we all have insecurities that we are able to work through in our sexual relationships!
If you would like to learn how to enhance your sexual relationship, then I encourage you to stop waiting for your life to get better and do something right now to create more fun, passion and intimacy back into your life!