Without Action, Dreams Are Just Want Tos 'n Wish I Dids


It takes action to move dreams into reality ~ you can imagine your life or you can live it!

What's on your bucket list (in no particular order)?...

  • a fulfilling, intimate relationship
  • a career doing what you love and earning what you deserve
  • travel
  • time to have nurturing, connected friendships and family relationships
  • self-expression through creative and artistic endeavors
  • home schooling your children
  • owning a bed and breakfast
  • getting fit
  • buying your first home
  • Fill in your own dreams 'n desires ____________

Lots of people write them, many do vision boards...all great tools but that's not enough.  Unless you have access to a magic lantern or a fairy godmother, you're going to need to take some action.  Four key steps...

1.  Prioritize - identify the resources required by each goal and come up with a plan to put them in place.  Balance available resources with desire to achieve the goal to help you see what you can do today or this week and which goals require some longer term planning.

2.  Create a specific plan for the dream you are choosing now to make a reality.

3.  Attach timelines and by when's to your plan.

4.  Set up accountability with someone other than YOU!  Find a friend or a dream project partner and hold each other accountable.

NOW, go to 5 Tips for Getting Things OFF Your Bucket List for some additional insights in how to make your dreams come true without the help of your fairy godmother.