Why Thrive...


If you can slide by just surviving?

Truth?  It takes time, energy, resources and intent to choose a life of thriving.  Another truth?  When you watch someone you love fight cancer so hard to keep living, you inherit a responsibility to make the most of every day.

For years, I buried this legacy deep beneath my pain and loss.  But my late husband was such an inspiration as someone who kept grabbing hard at every moment of living fully that he could, I reached a point of not being able to ignore what he would have demanded of me...to live fully.

Yes, it would have been easier to pull the covers over my head and disappear - and there were times when I did.  But eventually, I chose to accept the call to action...to create something meaningful out of my loss that would be a tribute to the way he led his life.

Why bother thriving if you can slide by on surviving?  Because you have a responsibility to yourself, your friends and your loved ones.  Your life is a gift to you...your gifts and there for you to share with others.  You have an obligation to dig down and do what you have to do to stop just getting by day to day and find what thriving means to you...then be that...dare to be that alive, dare to give that much meaning and purpose to your time here on earth.

You cannot answer to a higher calling like this on your own.  Enroll friends, families, an accountability partner...whatever it takes to step up your game.  To help you uncover whatever is keeping you in survival mode, check out my post and special offer on my website blog post, Surviving vs. Thriving.  The world is waiting for the biggest you possible!