What's Your Tipping Point?


Exactly what will it take for you to finally go for it life?

How much longer will you wait to take that risk, think outside box and step out of your comfort zone?  Though I'm not one for generalizations, I know I can ask this question and be speaking to a large audience...because most people admit feeling stuck, unfulfilled, living a life that lacks meaning or even cop to having given up on doing anything beyond getting through day by day.

When Time Runs Out, a memorial tribute to one of my main role models in the film industry, is about a woman who was unstoppable.  She was a woman who would have loved dearly to have more days to do even more good in the world of cancer research and the search for the cure.  The state of cancer treatment had pissed Laura Ziskin off and she wasn't going to take it sitting down.

With the passing of each talented, inspiring person who is fighting as hard as they can for one more day, one more week, one more month or one more year the desire to make the most and do the best with our own number of days should come with more resolve and more intent. 

As a most lovely older soul shared with last week, "we only have a limited number of breaths we are given for our lifetime."  How will you use yours?