Want a Fresh Start?

Want a Fresh Start?
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3 tips for clearing out the old when it's time to move on.

You've gone through a breakup and cried some tears.  But you're starting to see a glimpse of sunlight through the drawn curtains.  Time to shift the energy. 

Tears are a great way to release sadness.  It's good to let it flow...but then you need to clear that energy out.  As a Reiki master, I've worked a lot with energy.  The heavy sadness that comes with grieving the loss of something can hang around long after the sobbing has stopped.  Here are my three favorite tools for cleaning up when you're ready to pull back the curtains and let the sun in again:

1.  Smudge the room.  Purchase a smudging stick from a new age bookstore or online.  It is a bundle of dried sage bound together.  Light the end of it and then, like incense, gently blow out the flame leaving embers burning.  Hold a flame proof plate or bowl underneath as you walk throughout your home going from room to room.  In your mind, hold the intention of releasing any old, heavy energy and attracting new beginnings.  If your living circumstances won't allow for it (apartment rules or an allergic room mate), open all the windows and let Mother Nature clear out the space.  You can still walk room to room setting your intentions.

2.  Visualization Exercise.  Whether it is a friendship, professional situation or love relationship that's come to an end, you can use visualization techniques to complete the letting go.  Find a quiet place and time and sit or lie down with your eyes gently closed.  Picture yourself embracing whomever or whatever you wish to release in your mind.  Thank that energy for the lessons learned and the opportunity to grow and then gently let the image go and watch it float into a star filled sky surrounded by love.*

3.  Clean Out Clutter.  Particularly if you are leaving a long term relationship, go through your home and choose what physical objects or items you need to let go of to create space for what's next in your life.  Clear out anything that will hold you back.  If there are items that remind you of feeling loved and they don't cause you sadness, it's okay to keep them.  You may wish to put them away in a box for awhile.  Even if there isn't anything connected to your break up in your home, go through room by room and clear out any clutter that has accumulated and whatever you no longer need.  Times of change are great opportunities to create more space and allow for the new to come in.

Breakups can be a challenge.  Be gentle with yourself but if you find yourself stuck in grieving, reach out for appropriate support. 

For more on recovering from the loss of a significant relationship you can check out "The How's of Letting Go."

*My three tips are great for moving out old energy, but one note of caution with Tip #2.  This is not a visualization to be done when ending a deeply negative or abusive relationship.  These issues should be addressed by a licensed therapist or other trained specialist with experience in this area.  If your sadness becomes too intense or you feel depressed, please consult your physician or a therapist for appropriate care.