Too Busy to Recognize Acts of Kindness?


Here's an invitation to pause and take it all in.

I know, I know...we live life at a whirlwind pace these days.  It's easy to get caught up in it all...and a real challenge to stop instead to take in some of the smaller details.  However, it is the inbetween moments where we find peace and kindness...both sources of feeling supported and cared for.

This week, I dedicated my blog to the series theme, Angels Among Us.  My introduction to the topic reflects back on my first encounter with the idea of angels.  It was my mother who introduced me to stories of angels...worth a quick read in "There Are Angels Among Us."  It was an experience of faith from my childhood...a faith that was lost for awhile with her death.

In, "How Angels Get Their Wings," we follow the story of how I regained my faith and was given my own set of wings by my late husband.

There are so many incredible angels I meet every day now, as I connect deeper into the communities supporting cancer survivors, caregivers and people going through major life transitions.  In "Wings of Compassion & Caring" I get to introduce you to Jonny Imerman.  Jonny turned his cancer diagnosis at the age of 26 into an incredible project to help others.

No matter how busy your day is today, stop for a moment and consider what small act you can complete that gives someone else the feeling they've met an angel?  It is through love, kindness and caring for others that we will transform our experience of the world.  Be that.