Tired of the Story You're Living?


If you could rewrite the next chapters of your story, how would it be different?

"Writing is re-writing" ~ Robert L. Kelley

What if we treated our lives as a story and approached them as the author of that story?  Most writers understand writing is a process and some very common ways of approaching it.  It is rare that a writer creates a final draft their first time sitting down with their story.  It is a process of writing, experimenting, noticing what works and what doesn't and then rewriting.

Changing our lives can sound like such a big task and it's a thought that can put most people into a place of feeling overwhelmed.  Instead, ask yourself, if there was one aspect of your life you could rewrite right now that would bring you more peace, ease, wellness or happiness what would it be? (For 4 Quick Tips on rewriting your story, check out "The Stories You Tell"

If you rewrote that chapter, how would you want it to read and how would your main character (you) want to feel by the end of the new chapter?  When we begin to imagine the outcome we desire, we can begin to ask what is holding us back from having this.  What if you approached your life like a story that YOU have the power to change?  What is one action or thought you would redline right now?  What would you replace it with and how would you feel having made that change?

Realizing you're in the driver's seat can be daunting because now it's on you.  You get to take responsibility for creating the change...or stay stuck with the story you're already living.

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Until I did this process, I could not understand what was keeping me stuck in survival mode.  Now I'm rewriting my life and loving it!  If the ending of your story feels inevitable and you can't see a way out, it's time for you to start rewriting!