The Reluctant Expert

Heartbreak, Self

Sometimes life decides how we will most be of service to others~turning tragedy into gifts.

We don't always get to choose the circumstances of our lives. Sometimes shit happens. When you go through experiences of chronic illness, caregiving or loss you can't help but be changed by them. They break you or they reveal to you inner strength you did not know you had.

I love having a plan. I do well with setting goals and working toward them. I've got a pretty high degree of self-discipline and focus. But when life shook my world upside down all I could do was choose to make the most of it. I could choose to make a difference for others facing major life transitions, loss or cancer.

Turning tragedy into something good requires alchemy, a lot of support and a great least these are the tools I've applied to turning my life around...and it's working. I would rather not be an expert in surviving the loss of a loved one to cancer, caregiving for both a mother and a husband or rising from the ashes.

But it is time to own who I am, what I am committed to contributing to others and being the difference for those who, for whatever reason, wake up one day and realize life as they thought it would be is no longer that...and now what. My company, coaching by tambre, helps clients turn now what into what's next. Check out today's After & Before Blog post to read more on the coming out of The Reluctant Expert.

You can stay stuck in the circumstances of your life, lost in the abyss of the unknown or get on with it. Life coaching is the foundational step to getting on with it. Let's go!