New Year's Resolutions: Don't Do...BE!


A different approach to taking on the new year. Choose being over doing.

Everywhere we turn this month…twitter, Facebook, email, blog posts (even a few of mine)…it’s all about making or keeping New Year’s Resolutions. What will we do differently this year? What new goals are we setting for 2011? My instinct is when everyone is doing the same thing, be different.

My boredom with all this talk about resolutions led me to inquire deeper. I felt there must be something more I could offer my readers. 2010 was a year of big leaps, breaking through fears, risks and rewards for me. There aren’t necessarily a lot of things I would do differently in 2011.

Then I had a light bulb moment. I already have my solid 3 Phase Plan in place. I know what actions to take. My resolution is not about what I will do in 2011 but who I will be. While I took significant action this past year, I often got in my own way.

I made things more challenging than they needed to be by focusing on my fears, trying to figure things out, allowing confusion or procrastination to slow me down. I have spent much of my life over-thinking, trying too hard to be perfect and getting stuck in my head. This approach has held me back in many areas of my life.

As with so many of my life lessons, the breakthrough came on the dance floor. As an avid salsa dancer and amateur competitor, I spend a lot of hours every week training to be better. Several weeks ago, my instructor pointed out that while I was using excellent technique, I was doing the steps, not dancing the dance. I was thinking too much and not feeling the music or the movement. It was time, he said, to own the moves. I finally understood. I needed to be fierce in my dancing. I had been sucking back.

How I am dancing reflects how I am doing my life. It’s a microcosm of the macrocosm. It was time to make a change, not in what I was doing but who I was being. On the way home from my lesson, I stopped and bought a bright red tube of lipstick. Once inside my place, I went to my bathroom mirror and wrote in bold, red letters “Be Fierce. Be Unstoppable. No Holding Back.”

I don’t need to resolve to do anything different this coming year. I already know what to do and I know what actions I need to take. My New Year’s resolution this year is all about who I am being. In 2011, I will be fierce. I will be bold. I will be unstoppable. Who will you be?