Lowering Your Standards...Not in My World!


Are you settling for less than what you want, desire and deserve?

When I was in my mid-twenties and many of my friends were either in long term relationships, engaged or married well-meaning confidents would suggest from time to time that the answer to my single status was lowering my standards.

I’ll admit, they were high. I was very clear I wanted to be with someone who was intelligent, driven, creative, strong, successful, handsome, sexy and who knew how to treat a woman. The list was longer than that but you get the idea.

I didn’t just expect the best from him, I asked the same of myself. Very little of my time was spent wondering how to meet Mr. Right. I loved the career I was pursuing in the film business and enjoyed my life. There were the times when I missed being part of a couple…mostly holidays, when I graduated with my masters, times I wanted someone to hold me. But not enough to lower my standards.

The more clear I got on the life I wanted for myself, who I wanted to be and what was important to me, the more obvious it became who was playing the game of life at a similar level of engagement.

Before you lower your standards, consider taking a “Me First” approach. Uncover what you desire and deserve. Focus on your life, identify your core values. What areas in your life are you not playing full out? There is nothing more attractive than someone who is doing their own thing, having fun and fully engaged in life. Is that you? If not, completing an E! Factor Assessment with me could give you the insight you’ve been looking for. Email or call me today for more details.