Just Another Day

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The Un-Meaning of Calendar Days

Guess what?  Anniversaries and other "special" days are all man-made.  It is we who gave them meaning.  Which means we also have the power to give them un-meaning.  What do I mean by that?  A day that, by everyone else's calendar, is just another Saturday could be a real minefield when we attach significant meaning to it.

This past Saturday was the tenth anniversary of my late husband's death.  In the weeks leading up to it, I peeked ahead a few times anticipating that it could be a really difficult day to get through.  Who wants to think about a whole decade of missing someone?  But when I woke up Saturday morning, I realized it is me who attaches the meaning to the day.  I could choose to go into a very dark place about it or I could choose a different experience of this milestone.  Check out my blog post to find out what I chose...and how you can empower yourself to give meaning to those difficult days without getting mired in darkness.