Endings & Beginnings


Don't be a prisoner of the "what didn't get dones"~how to acknowledge 2010 then make 2011 THE year!

Just a few days ago, I laid it on the line for my readers in my “Kick in the Ass Coaching Moment” blog post. But before you take the next big leap, it is important to take a moment and acknowledge all you DID accomplish in 2010. Check out “The Last Hurrah” posted on my website and do the completion exercise. It’s important to really take this in as it:

• Reminds you that you probably did more than you thought last year with regard to your goals
• Shows you how much more is possible by adding in focus, accountability, purpose and inspiration this year
• Highlights skills, tools and resources you already know how to tap into
• Illuminates areas where you may need additional insights and new approaches

It seems easier to remember the days I fell short of what I had hoped to accomplish. I recall the times I lost touch with my new connection to being fierce and unstoppable. So don't get dragged down by the inner critic and the "what didn't get dones". 

When I did my Year in Review, I was actually shocked by the list even though I was present for every risk I took and every goal I reached. It allowed me to shift my focus to what is possible in 2011 given all the ways I succeeded in 2010.  This is the kind of energy you want to be tapping into to catapult you ahead in the new year.

Once you've got your list of all you accomplished, ask yourself what is missing that would make this coming year an extraordinary one? What do you need to be up to and who do you need to be to change your world?

Now commit to making it happen in 2011...no matter what! Write down your goal and tuck it away someplace. Then next year, when a blogger asks, "what the $%*& are you up to with your life?" you have lived twelve months of being up to something that matters to you and you can answer, I am up to being me, sharing my gifts and my authentic self...every day. It’s January 1st…how will you choose to begin your year?