Coaching ~ Your Personal GPS System


Wish you could be cruising in the fast lane of your life instead of being lost on the back roads?

Are you wandering through your life? Have you set clear goals? Are you on a clear path or do you often find yourself in unknown territory without a map?

I’ve often resisted techno-advances. Several years ago, I was text-free and Facebook-free. Surely if friends wanted to get together, picking up the phone to make plans was easy enough. But when GPS hit the market, I was one of the first in line.

My GPS system saves me time, money and major frustration. I love it. There are very few destinations I head to anymore without first entering the address and hitting "go". Even if I know the way, I'll turn it on and let it do its job. Having a guide, even though I may know the destination ensures I bypass construction or heavy traffic. Sometimes it takes me a new route and I get to experience a new approach to getting someplace.

Warning! GPS is not the same as autopilot. I still have to be present in the moment, keep my eyes on the road and other drivers and I decide when to accelerate and when to slow down. But if I get off track or lost, my GPS reroutes me and puts me back on target.

Having a coach is like having a GPS system for my life. The process reroutes me back toward my destination and around obstacles I create for myself. It helps me to refocus and recommit when I get off track. With coaching in my life, I no longer get lost in confusion or stuck for hours or days. I stay in motion.

What would your life be like if you had a coach as a GPS system, even just for a few months? How much time, money and energy would you save if you stayed on track and went after your goals with a laser-like focus knowing there was someone to guide you over the bumps and detour you around the blocks?

Life is not meant to be lived in a vacuum. We can't do everything on our own. Being coached as I coach others allows me to be more present for my clients and propels me toward my goals at a highly accelerated rate.

Olympic athletes and every major professional sports team works with coaches to co-create a plan, map out the journey of going for gold and stay on track as the plan unfolds. Are you headed for that #1 spot on the podium or skirting the edges of the field wondering how to get in the game?

How much longer can you afford to travel the back roads of your life? Why NOT live at your highest potential or at least find out what that could look like? Email me for a complimentary session to investigate what life could be like with your own personal GPS system guiding you to success and inspired living.